Environmental Policy

We source the ingredients for our breakfasts locally wherever possible and are aware of ‘food miles’.

We provide maps and encourage guests to leave their car and to walk to town since its only 4 minutes away and to support the high street independent shops.

Bus services are regular albeit infrequent. We provide local transport maps and happy to provide guests with public transport times.

We use low-energy equivalent light bulbs where suitable. Outside lighting is time- controlled and by years 2013/2014 lights in public areas will be controlled by time switches.

Radiators have thermostatic controls.

Glass, paper, tins, cardboard and plastic bottles are all recycled with the use of labelled bins and the Council kerbside collection or local recycle centre. Office paper and envelopes are reused where possible and printer cartridges recycled.

When electrical appliances are replaced we do so with low energy rated products.

Soap and shower gel is provided in refillable containers.

The use of cleaning agents is minimised by the use of microfiber cloths.

We welcome suggestions on how our green policy could be improved, and energy or resource consumption reduced.